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  • Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig

    So far just a notepad to collect links to articles on the Internet Make sure you watch her videos, see my playlist on YouTube

  • Upgrading iRobot Roomba i7 with an i3+

    I already had a Roomba i7 which is a great robot vacuum cleaner, but it needs frequent emptying of the dustbin by hand. iRobot also has docking stations that don’t just charge the robot’s battery, but also empty multiple runs of cleaning into a more regular vacuum cleaner bag. They are e.g. the i3+ and […]

  • Lakshmi (Swami Persaud)

    One of the people who makes me really happy is Dutch singer Lakshmi. If I’d have to describe her in one word, it’s ‘real’. She also makes great music. (in Dutch)

  • C= Amiga things to enjoy

    Amiga demoscene Things I really enjoyed watching. This is to very personal taste, also since I was part of the demoscene back in the days (1989-early 90s) Wicked Sensation by TRSI (1992). Love the design and the fonts. Contains nice jelly vectors (awesome for the time). The WHLoad version I tried on Pimiga wasn’t perfect […]

  • Internet radio stations

    As I’ve bought a (2nd hand) Yamaha CD-N500 with vTuner support, and there are so many radio stations on the Internet beyond the ones I know from FM/DAB+, Let me list some I’ve discovered. Station name Location Quality Description, remarks 538 Verrückte Stunde NL 128k mp3 I would expect a lot of ‘guilty pleasure’ pop […]

  • Places to go visit

    Oypo technical museum Hengelo, NL: Looks interesting.

  • Quick food reviews

    Take ‘food’ lightly 😉 Just some notes on edible stuff I buy, basically. Dinner Go-Tan wok sauce Hoisin, bought at Albert Heijn A brown sweet and salty sauce reminding me of ketjap/kecap, quite nice Drinks Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla (USA, 355ml can) bought from Dr.Pepper with the aftertaste of Cherry Coke. Tap water (NL, […]

  • The Amiga situation

    My all time favorite line of computers is still the Amiga, best known as a series of home computers made by Commodore. It’s still very much alive, with people creating software, firmware (‘Kickstart’), hardware add-ons and emulators (both purely in software and re-created in FPGA hardware). However, unfortunately there’s also quite a few discussions about […]

  • How to pronounce female cyclists’ names

    This page is just about names. Names of female cyclists from around the world. I often wonder what the proper pronunciation is, and I notice many mistakes are being made, even by professional commentators. So here’s some help in finding the right pronunciation! Ceylin Alvarado (Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado) – first name sounds close to […]

  • Fortitude Pro Cycling

    Today the new female pro cycling team around Marianne Vos was announced: Fortitude Pro Cycling. In a way, this is the successor of the Rabobank-Liv team but there are some new names and some riders left #RaboLiv for other teams. News articles: Fortitude Pro Cycling, nieuwe ploeg voor Yara Kastelijn   The […]