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A Camping Flight To Lowlands Paradise

Last weekend was a very good one, and a very demanding one as well… I was the official (and only) photographer for FOK! (www.fok.nl) at the Lowlands festival so I went to as many bands as I could manage to shoot three songs frontstage, then leave for the next one.. Or to get a drink, because especially Friday and Saturday were sunny and hot!

Some guys were also on assignment from FOK! to write reviews and hold interviews. The first review is online already (in Dutch), accompanied by some of my photos, at http://frontpage.fok.nl/review/401635/1/1/50/lowlands-2010.html

Update: the photo special is now also online, with lots more photos: http://frontpage.fok.nl/special/402038/1/1/50/foto-s-lowlands-2010.html

Vlaamse Reuzen Hollandse Leeuwen photos

Another festival report in pictures, this time it was for Festivalinfo.nl:
A very nice festival on the three different stages at the 013 concert hall in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The festival was called Vlaamse Reuzen Hollandse Leeuwen (Flemish giants, Dutch lions) and featured only Dutch and Belgian (Flemish) acts.

Liberation Day festival Limburg on FOK!

Some of my photos were posted on the big Dutch community site fok.nl (FOK!). I’ve covered some events for them already, and at this year’s liberation day festivals there were one or more photographers present at all the official festivals (each province hosts an official event!). For Limburg, Serena Cloodt (www.throughmylens.nl) was accredited through FOK! and I went to Roermond as well to cover the opening with our prime minister Jan-Peter Balkenende lighting the symbolic torch next to the main stage.

See the result here: http://frontpage.fok.nl/special/384103/1/1/50/fotoreportage-bevrijdingsfestival-roermond-2010.html

bevrijdingsfestival Limburg 2010