Take ‘food’ lightly 😉 Just some notes on edible stuff I buy, basically.


  • Go-Tan wok sauce Hoisin, bought at Albert Heijn
    • A brown sweet and salty sauce reminding me of ketjap/kecap, quite nice


  • Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla (USA, 355ml can) bought from candyonline.nl
    • Dr.Pepper with the aftertaste of Cherry Coke.
  • Dr. Pepper Energy (Poland, 250ml can) bought from candyonline.nl
    • Tasted slightly bitter to me at first (due to the taurine?)
    • Dr. Pepper taste is present but it’s not as sweet
    • Pretty good for an energy drink, not as overly sweet/artificial tasting as most.
  • Fanta Hương Trái cây (‘fruit flavours’, Vietnam, 330ml can) bought from candyonline.nl
    • Quite smooth fruit flavor, like a fruit punch
    • very green color, reminds me of Fernandes green
    • contains high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners acesulfame and sucralose although I didn’t taste them. 132kcal per can anyway, which seems only a small reduction in calories due to the artificial sweeteners.


  • Bubs Godis Raspberry Surskallar Skum, bought from candyonline.nl
    • quite big pieces of semi-soft foam-like candy, covered with sour sugar
    • strong taste, quite nice actually though obviously artificial. The sweet fruity taste lasts quite long.
  • Bubs Godis Liquorice/Fruit octopus, bought from candyonline.nl
    • soft, strong taste but not really liquorice. I don’t really like the salmiac aftertaste.
  • Damel Whales (Spain, 1kg) bought from candyonline.nl
    • soft foam, quite large pieces, a bit of a fruity taste (blueberry?) – I read that it’s cola taste. oh well…
  • Mathijs – Droplullen (look it up if you’re not at work 😉
    • soft sweet liquorice, similar in taste to good old ‘trekdrop’. With a funny shape.
  • Meenk Finse Dropstockies, bought from candyonline.nl
    • soft sweet and salty liquorice with a thin layer of fine sugar on top. More authentic, salmiac kind taste.

Chocolate bars

  • Cadbury Time Out Wafer (UK, 6×21.2g) bought from candyonline.nl
    • Similar to a penny wafer or KitKat, quite good but not worth a premium.
  • KitKat 濃い抹茶​ (Strong Matcha, Japan, 12 pack mini double size) bought from candyonline.nl
    • Very special taste: green tea (as can be guessed by the name), and in an army green colour.
    • First impression: not my taste, but at least it’s different.
  • KitKat Apple Pie (US, limited edition, 42g) bought from candyonline.nl
    • White chocolate with a soft and sweet raisin and cinnamon flavour
  • KitKat Birthday Cake (US, limited edition, 42g) bought from candyonline.nl
    • White chocolate with sprinkles inside.