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This is one of the many photos I have made of the band Krezip over the years since I first saw them in 1997 (they disbanded last year, in 2009). It is a crop of a photo I took when they were playing a ‘surprise concert’ on an improvised stage (back of a truck, actually) next to the famous Paradiso concert hall. For a long time a smaller, tighter cropped version was on my website. Some fans took the photo and posted it on community sites, like hyves and facebook are today. No big issue, especially if they mention my name as the photographer and don’t use the photo to make money. But now I’ve found this photo on the website of the Dutch Rock And Pop Institute, a foundation with a budget of more than 5 million Euros and over 40 employees. And what’s worse, they don’t credit me as a photographer. In fact they give away my photo as if it were public domain!

In general I’m happy when people use my photos and I don’t make money on photography (even paid publications don’t quite cover the costs) so just ask me if you can use one or more of my photos and I’m usually happy with just credits and a very reasonable fee if it’s for commercial use.

If you do find a photo I made without proper credits, please let me know.

Now I’m off to write a nice e-mail to the popinstituut people.






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