Vlaamse Reuzen Hollandse Leeuwen photos

Another festival report in pictures, this time it was for Festivalinfo.nl:
A very nice festival on the three different stages at the 013 concert hall in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The festival was called Vlaamse Reuzen Hollandse Leeuwen (Flemish giants, Dutch lions) and featured only Dutch and Belgian (Flemish) acts.

Dauwpop 2010 photos

On the 13th of May I went to the Dauwpop 2010 festival together with fellow Fok! photographer ‘Calime’ to create a report in photographs of the festival. See the result on FOK!

As always, there are more photos than were published, so I also put the best of the bunch on Flickr (slideshow, tag)

It was a great festival with many highlights (K’s Choice, Kontrust and dialect-rock-coverband Dé Normaal band, but many other great bands as well!)

Giro d’Italia 2010 etappe Amsterdam-Utrecht

The Giro d’Italia pro cycling race was in the Netherlands and on the 2nd day (1st real stage after the prologue) I went to take pictures and see the race. It really is over before you know it. I went to Veenendaal and then by train to Utrecht which made it possible to intercept the race twice. The result is on Flickr:

Liberation Day festival Limburg on FOK!

Some of my photos were posted on the big Dutch community site fok.nl (FOK!). I’ve covered some events for them already, and at this year’s liberation day festivals there were one or more photographers present at all the official festivals (each province hosts an official event!). For Limburg, Serena Cloodt (www.throughmylens.nl) was accredited through FOK! and I went to Roermond as well to cover the opening with our prime minister Jan-Peter Balkenende lighting the symbolic torch next to the main stage.

See the result here: http://frontpage.fok.nl/special/384103/1/1/50/fotoreportage-bevrijdingsfestival-roermond-2010.html

bevrijdingsfestival Limburg 2010

SMC SMCWBR14S-N2 draft-N router

Picked up another home router (the kind of device people have at home between their internet connection and computers) at a flea market today. I had hoped to be able to install a Linux-based third party firmware (like Tomato, OpenWRT, dd-WRT, etc) but couldn’t find a lot about this router. It appears to work fine though so I could at least play with it or use it as a cheap LAN switch. I’m not experienced in hacking this kind of device (besides uploading firmware someone else already made) but if you have any questions feel free to comment on this post. I can open it and post pictures if needed, or even do some hacking if I have the time.

Some info I found:

brand: SMC
model: SMCWBR14S-N2 aka “Barricade N Draft 11n Wireless 4-port Broadband Router”
part number: 752.9256EU

silver colored plastic housing, WPS button, 4-port 10/100 switch, WAN port, recessed reset button, 9VDC/1A power connection, two fixed antennas.

to open: unscrew 3 philips (+) screws on the bottom (2 of which are hidden behind the rubber feet)

visible chips:        RT2880F (Ralink 266MHz? MIPS processor also used in the Linksys WRT160N V2)
IC+ IP175C (www.icplus.com.tw 5 port 10/100 ethernet integrated switch)
2x ISSI IS42S16400B-7TL    (2 times 8MB RAM = 16MB of RAM memory)

default IP address:
default admin password: smcadmin
management page is at by default

Photo usage

This is one of the many photos I have made of the band Krezip over the years since I first saw them in 1997 (they disbanded last year, in 2009). It is a crop of a photo I took when they were playing a ‘surprise concert’ on an improvised stage (back of a truck, actually) next to the famous Paradiso concert hall. For a long time a smaller, tighter cropped version was on my nothingless.org website. Some fans took the photo and posted it on community sites, like hyves and facebook are today. No big issue, especially if they mention my name as the photographer and don’t use the photo to make money. But now I’ve found this photo on the website of the Dutch Rock And Pop Institute, a foundation with a budget of more than 5 million Euros and over 40 employees. And what’s worse, they don’t credit me as a photographer. In fact they give away my photo as if it were public domain!

In general I’m happy when people use my photos and I don’t make money on photography (even paid publications don’t quite cover the costs) so just ask me if you can use one or more of my photos and I’m usually happy with just credits and a very reasonable fee if it’s for commercial use.

If you do find a photo I made without proper credits, please let me know.

Now I’m off to write a nice e-mail to the popinstituut people.


You can find a lot of my photos on a great site called Flickr. My Flickr photostream is at http://www.flickr.com/photos/whaley/ and some of my favorites are below:

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