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  • Apple IIc from Scryption collection

    I recently bought some of the ‘leftovers’ from the Scryption Museum which unfortunately had to close due to lack of funding. Here’s one of the systems I bought from them, an Apple IIc with matching monitor and power brick. It powers up, displaying “Apple //c” and “Check Disk Drive.” messages. Hitting Ctrl-Reset gives me a […]

  • A Camping Flight To Lowlands Paradise

    Last weekend was a very good one, and a very demanding one as well… I was the official (and only) photographer for FOK! ( at the Lowlands festival so I went to as many bands as I could manage to shoot three songs frontstage, then leave for the next one.. Or to get a drink, […]

  • Solar Weekend Festival 2010

    Another FOK! review in photos was posted today, you can find it at Most of the artists were not exactly my cup of tea, but the atmosphere was great and I had a great weekend.

  • Vlaamse Reuzen Hollandse Leeuwen photos

    Another festival report in pictures, this time it was for A very nice festival on the three different stages at the 013 concert hall in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The festival was called Vlaamse Reuzen Hollandse Leeuwen (Flemish giants, Dutch lions) and featured only Dutch and Belgian (Flemish) acts.

  • Dauwpop 2010 photos

    On the 13th of May I went to the Dauwpop 2010 festival together with fellow Fok! photographer ‘Calime’ to create a report in photographs of the festival. See the result on FOK! As always, there are more photos than were published, so I also put the best of the bunch on Flickr (slideshow, tag) It […]

  • Giro d’Italia 2010 etappe Amsterdam-Utrecht

    The Giro d’Italia pro cycling race was in the Netherlands and on the 2nd day (1st real stage after the prologue) I went to take pictures and see the race. It really is over before you know it. I went to Veenendaal and then by train to Utrecht which made it possible to intercept the […]

  • Liberation Day festival Limburg on FOK!

    Some of my photos were posted on the big Dutch community site (FOK!). I’ve covered some events for them already, and at this year’s liberation day festivals there were one or more photographers present at all the official festivals (each province hosts an official event!). For Limburg, Serena Cloodt ( was accredited through FOK! […]

  • SMC SMCWBR14S-N2 draft-N router

    Picked up another home router (the kind of device people have at home between their internet connection and computers) at a flea market today. I had hoped to be able to install a Linux-based third party firmware (like Tomato, OpenWRT, dd-WRT, etc) but couldn’t find a lot about this router. It appears to work fine […]

  • Photo usage

    This is one of the many photos I have made of the band Krezip over the years since I first saw them in 1997 (they disbanded last year, in 2009). It is a crop of a photo I took when they were playing a ‘surprise concert’ on an improvised stage (back of a truck, actually) […]

  • Flickr

    You can find a lot of my photos on a great site called Flickr. My Flickr photostream is at and some of my favorites are below: [fancyflickr set=72157594359319005]

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