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  • 15kHz on LCD monitors

    15kHz monitors Most PC monitors made for VGA and later graphics adapters have a horizontal sync of 31.5kHz or higher, but most home computers including the Commodore Amiga line, as well as CGA and EGA for PC, have a hsync of about 15kHz as standard (PAL or NTSC). Many ‘recent’ monitors therefore do not properly […]

  • Visual Studio notes

    Shortcuts ctor<tab><tab> : insert constructor snippet cw<tab><tab> : insert Console.WriteLine() for<tab><tab> : insert for loop snippet foreach<tab><tab> : insert foreach loop snippet prop<tab><tab> : insert property (short form) propfull<tab><tab> : insert property (long form useful when you need to code getter/setter) Ctrl-. : Quick actions Ctrl-E, Ctrl-D : Format Document Ctrl-M, Ctrl-O : Collapse to […]

  • .NET notes

    Just random notes regarding .NET CLR = Common Language Runtime FCL = Framework Class Library BCL = subset of FCL ASP.NET is a part of the FCL Windows: Assembly type Class Library produces .dll files / .exe is another type of Assembly. DLLs do not have an entry point (No Main()) so can’t be run […]

  • Becoming a developer

    From business to IT In my job, I’m making the transition from a business information manager (in Dutch: functioneel beheerder) to a developer. Our company uses C#, Javascript, HTML and CSS and various (Microsoft) .NET technologies. It’s an exciting change and I will try to keep this blog updated with my progress. Prior experience I’ve […]

  • SodaqOne version 2 LoRa kit

    First try at LoRa   I am a backer for The Things Network, but at the moment (december 10, 2016) the hardware isn’t ready yet. So I bought a LoRa node from Sodaq to try and see if I can get it to succesfully send messages to a TTN gateway. Here’s a log so far: […]

  • Fortitude Pro Cycling

    Today the new female pro cycling team around Marianne Vos was announced: Fortitude Pro Cycling. In a way, this is the successor of the Rabobank-Liv team but there are some new names and some riders left #RaboLiv for other teams. News articles: Fortitude Pro Cycling, nieuwe ploeg voor Yara Kastelijn   The […]

  • Controlling Marantz (and Denon) AVR’s

    I have created an app for the Homey by Athom to control Marantz AVR’s over ethernet (I have the NR1604 model myself). See (version 0.0.1 has been published, 0.0.2 is in review) This page is meant to provide some generic links and information about the protocol used. Bugs or feature requests for the app itself can […]

  • Athom Homey

    On the 10th of February, 2016 I received my Homey by Athom. It’s a home automation hub which listens to you and speaks back, and can control all kinds of devices. It has just been released, which means there’s still quite some bugs. So I will list here what has worked for me, and what hasn’t. […]

  • Kringloopwinkelen

    Kringloopwinkels zijn altijd leuk om even rond te neuzen en om spullen te kopen die iemand anders niet meer nodig had, maar die nog bruikbaar zijn. De volgende kringloopwinkels heb ik bezocht: Goirle: La Poubelle Goirle Voorheen van de Kringlooplijn, nu La Poubelle. Kleiner en gezelliger dan Tilburg. Hilversum: De Kringloper Oisterwijk: Kringlooplijn Oisterwijk Tilburg Kringloop […]

  • Rotterdam 2015/01/18

    Today I had a great day, seeing Marike Jager perform at ‘Kantine Walhalla’ in Rotterdam. The show was amazing, not only Marike’s awesome songs and voice, and Henk Jan Heuvelink’s expressive piano playing, but also because of the addition of a live ‘projectionist’. Visuals were not done simply using an LCD projector, but using real […]

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