Category: Software development

  • Measure your city (meetjestad)

    Recently, I have found good use for my LoRaWAN gateway. Together with a few other enthusiasts I’ve assembled a measurement device for the Tilburg branch of the “Meet je Stad” project. This project started in Amersfoort, and combines measurements of (currently) temperature and humidity from relatively cheap devices at peoples’ homes. The data is sent […]

  • Visual Studio notes

    Shortcuts ctor<tab><tab> : insert constructor snippet cw<tab><tab> : insert Console.WriteLine() for<tab><tab> : insert for loop snippet foreach<tab><tab> : insert foreach loop snippet prop<tab><tab> : insert property (short form) propfull<tab><tab> : insert property (long form useful when you need to code getter/setter) Ctrl-. : Quick actions Ctrl-E, Ctrl-D : Format Document Ctrl-M, Ctrl-O : Collapse to […]