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Measure your city (meetjestad)

Recently, I have found good use for my LoRaWAN gateway. Together with a few other enthusiasts I’ve assembled a measurement device for the Tilburg branch of the “Meet je Stad” project.

This project started in Amersfoort, and combines measurements of (currently) temperature and humidity from relatively cheap devices at peoples’ homes. The data is sent via LoRaWAN through The Things Network and ends up as open data on

This project is also linked to the Future Lab in Tilburg, part of the main public library (the LocHal building). The Future Lab houses a big screen, and the maintainer is looking for ways to fill those screens with visuals regarding the city of Tilburg. Obviously, it would be great to include a visualisation of the Meet je Stad data.

That idea gave me a good excuse to have some fun programming, so I started a GitHub repository at and created a map showing the data of the Tilburg. It’s open source, anyone can suggest improvements or even take it and go and create their own version.

You can grab it from GitHub or just look at my version at

Visual Studio notes


  • ctor<tab><tab> : insert constructor snippet
  • cw<tab><tab> : insert Console.WriteLine()
  • for<tab><tab> : insert for loop snippet
  • foreach<tab><tab> : insert foreach loop snippet
  • prop<tab><tab> : insert property (short form)
  • propfull<tab><tab> : insert property (long form useful when you need to code getter/setter)
  • Ctrl-. : Quick actions
  • Ctrl-E, Ctrl-D : Format Document
  • Ctrl-M, Ctrl-O : Collapse to definitions
  • Ctrl-M, Ctrl-E : Expand current
  • Ctrl-M, Ctrl-L : Toggle expand/collapse all
  • Ctrl-; : Search Solution Explorer
  • Ctrl-Tab : Switch between tabs
  • F5 : Start (with debugging)
  • Ctrl-F5 : Start without debugging
  • F6 : Build
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  • F12 (while hovering over an item in the source editor): go to Definition