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On the 10th of February, 2016 I received my Homey by Athom. It’s a home automation hub which listens to you and speaks back, and can control all kinds of devices. It has just been released, which means there’s still quite some bugs. So I will list here what has worked for me, and what hasn’t.

Currently on version 0.8.39 (started on 0.8.17)

Bugs I’ve encountered myself:

  • – philips hue, lux lamps wont (all) turn off or on with command all lights off or on


  • Adding and controlling Philips Hue lights. I have an existing Hue setup with Hue, Hue Lux, Hue Whites, Livingwhites, Livingcolors and LivingAmbience lamps. Homey added them all very easily by pairing with the hub (I have a first generation hub). You can then place the lamps in rooms so you can tell homey “OK Homey, turn of the lights in the living room” and that actually works 🙂
  • Adding and controlling Eurodomest 433MHz remote sockets. I bought a set of 3 sockets and a remote at Big Bazar for €10. They work nicely. Homey can add a socket by copying the remote’s radio signal, or by pairing with the socket directly after putting it into learning mode (press the on-off button on the socket itself for a few seconds)
  • Asking the time (“OK Homey, what time is it?”). Other built-in commands: what version are you, what are you doing, testing 1 2 3… voice recognition isn’t as good as Siri (Apple iOS) or OK Google (Android) though.
  • Adding a flow that turns on and off a light at a specific time. The turn off card has a delay so it first turns on the light then after a few seconds turns it off again.
  • Fibaro Motion sensor FGMS-001. A device that looks like an eyeball and uses Z-Wave. It was quite easy to pair, however the pairing wizard doesn’t know it is a Fibaro Motion Sensor and in stead adds some generic device. On the Homey forum I read that it was supposed to be on association group 3. Whatever that means 🙂 I’m new to this Z-Wave stuff.

Doesn’t work (yet ;):

  • Adding a bluetooth speaker. Confirmed that it doesn’t work yet, although it is being worked on by Athom.
  • cloning IR remotes isn’t working very well. Tried to copy my Philips TV remote but it won’t register even though the tv itself does (while pointing the remote at Homey!)

LED ring color meanings:

Yellow: Homey is starting, please wait

Red: Homey is dead, please disconnect power and restart

Blue: Homey is downloading something, you can still use me

Pink: Homey is updating, do not disconnect power

Orange: Homey is listening to your voice command

White: Homey is analysing your voice online

Rainbow: Homey is operational and waiting for an event


Find the bearer token to use with the Authorization: Bearer HTTP header in the REST API:

go to, log in to your account, copy the link address of the homey picture, paste as text in a text editor, write down the bearer_token

tip: use to create the proper requests

Programming for Homey

I got my first Homey app working thanks to the documentation at I am creating an app to control my Marantz NR1604 receiver over the network (using the telnet-like interface over TCP).

The app (driver) is now online 🙂

It should also work for similar Denon AVR’s which have the same network interface.







4 responses to “Athom Homey”

  1. Lex Avatar

    How looks you flow with Buienradar?
    I use the voice option, that is not an succes.

  2. marco Avatar

    I have a flow like when “It is going to rain in.. 15 minutes” then “Turn on livingcolors” and “Set a color” on the same light.

  3. Bernold Avatar

    Nice. Have you figured out Z-Wave yet?

    I’m on a different platform myself. Have tried Domoticz for a while, on both Mac Mini Server and Synology NAS. Had the greatest trouble connecting some USB devices. Decided to give Homeseer HS3 a try on my Windows 10 Pro HTPC and decided to buy it right away during their 50% Off Sale last May. Have a RFXCOM RFXtrx433E USB transceiver for 433MHz signals and bought the plugin for HS3 as well. A Z-Wave stick is waiting to be used, but no modules yet.

    Setup is far from completed. Main issue is lack of time and budget (still reconstructing the house..). Basically what I have now is a very expensive doorbell and ways to control fan hood, ceiling fan (433) and TV volume/mute (UPnP over LAN) from a browser. Intention is to measure power consumption of the induction range and let that control the fan hood. Measure washer and dryer and get messages when they’re done. Get message and webcam photo when doorbell rings. Mute doorbell on schedule. Control LED strips with Mi-Light (cheapo HUE). Set TV Volume to certain volume at certain times. Monitor NAS, pc’s, UPS.. Etcetera 🙂

    One thing that still won’t work is to read energy consumption from the smart meter through P1 USB cable. Most likely a faulty P1 port.

    1. marco Avatar

      I have a Fibaro ‘eye’ (movement and temperature meter) which through Homey turns on a light (LIFX) when it’s dark and after a delay turns it off again so I can walk into my living room at night and have a short time to look around.
      The other thing I use is a cheap 433MHz remote intended for switchable sockets, but I use two of the buttons to turn on and off my tv (using a Belkin WeMo insight WiFi controlled 230V switch) and set my Marantz to the right settings for watching tv, and another button for turning everything off again, including the Hue lights in the living room (‘good night’ scene).
      My official power meter is outside my apartment, about 50 meters away. Not sure how I could read it unless with some battery powered LoRa or GSM based device maybe.

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